Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Drive-by update

Just a quick update to say I'm alive, and busier than I ever thought I'd be.

Our work deployment is 6/4, and we're all stressed out. I got a chest cold and my cough has lingered for about eight days now. I am dragging myself along, just trying to get through.

I've had a blog entry or two that I've thought about writing, but the day a few weeks back that I finally decided to log in and post, I saw Catherine's bad news. And whatever I had to say suddenly seemed unimportant. While I was at the store getting Mothers' Day cards for my mom and MIL that night, I looked at the sympathy cards. There was nothing appropriate AT ALL. So I sent something electronic. I didn't have the words to say anything that made any sense, and still don't, although I tried my best. I hope it was enough, but know it never will be.

So that's my current state. I'm so tired and stressed and confused that I barely have time to think straight, let alone put down what I'm thinking in words. I still think about having a baby and whether it will happen for me, but the energy I'd need to devote to thinking about it seriously just isn't there right now.

And maybe that's a good thing.