Saturday, December 23, 2006

Random holiday thoughts

First, not a holiday thought, but just a quick gripe about my primary care physician: I called Wednesday to see if the results of my liver bloodwork/ultrasound were in, and was told Dr. S. was out of the office until Friday. On Thursday, her P.A. called me TWICE (once at home, once on my cell) to make sure that when I saw my dermatologist on Friday that I got the bloodwork they ordered faxed over to Dr. S's office so she could review it all before calling me.

She never called. I called once just to make sure they got the fax, then called again to see when the office was closing. Got a final call at 5:30 saying that "the doctor was still seeing patients in the hospital and had not reviewed the labs yet" -- and they couldn't interpret them, of course. The office won't be open again till Dec. 27. I have SO much faith in the healthcare system, I swear!
Speaking of faith... I was having a conversation with someone and told them that I was having kind of a faith crisis lately, what with everything going on with me/us. But then the next day I heard a spiritual Christmas song on the radio and tears welled up in my eyes. My immediate first thought was "please God, don't let anything really bad be wrong with me." Then I got mad at myself; "self, it doesn't work that way -- you can't ask for favors when you're on the outs." I know that may not be true in the eyes of faithful believers, but I don't think I've done much to show that I am all that thankful for what we DO have. My own issues to work out, I guess, but it really sets up an internal argument within my head.
Yet another reason to add to Catherine's and msfizita's reasons to dislike Christmas cards: I have become the person that finds out through a picture in a Christmas card that one of my former best friends from college has a third child. I knew some people were avoiding talk of pregnancy around me, but I didn't think "oh hey, BTW, we have another kid" was skippable. Who knew!
Speaking of Catherine, I've been going back and forth on her "fake-it-until-you-make-it" notion of Christmas. For some reason today, I've had the energy to put out holiday things I'd left packed in boxes thus far; prior to this I figured I was happy just having our trees up and decorated. Must be the pine smell getting to me.


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