Friday, September 08, 2006

What not to wear, pregnancy edition

In which I play fashion police on my least favorite celebrity breeder, BS.

I'm not normally one to blog about pregnant celebrities, but this one has really made me want to be catty. Good Lord, what was she THINKING?? (Don't answer that with the answer I know you want to. Hah.)

I mean, really BS, I'd thought that MAYBE you'd learned something with the first one; hasn't anyone taken you aside and said "look sweetie, put down the ice cream, you're trying to REPAIR your image, remember? Perhaps we should get you some nice tasteful maternity wear, no?"

Apparently not, or she hasn't listened.



Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Yesterday at work I experienced significantly elevated blood pressure over the following tidbit, reported by a coworker:

BS's dad is named Jamie. Her mom is named Lynn. Her sister is Jamie-Lynn. And this kid will be... Jailynn. Not sure about the spelling, but the JAIL(bait) part is real.

Then another coworker said, 'A baby is the ultimate trendy accessory.'

Another said, 'She should've gotten a nice Versace handbag.'

To which I said - I mean yelled - 'She should've gotten an IUD!'

Things fell silent after that.

9/08/2006 4:52 PM  
Anonymous annmarie said...

My favorite maternity attire is the low-waisted jean and cropped t-shirt. I just don't get it.

9/10/2006 9:29 AM  

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