Friday, August 18, 2006

To PC or not to PC?

Not talking political correctness or personal computer here. I'm talking about progesterone cream.

Now, normally, I have the same reservations about OTC progesterone cream that I assume most of us do. Doesn't work, isn't strong enough to make a difference, etc. However, instead of buying whatever Ec.kerd or G.NC have on their shelves, in the past I've purchased a jar that is compounded by a local pharmacy and sold (primarily, I assume, since they run seminars about it) to women who are using HRT. While it's technically "OTC," you need to specifically request it at the counter and the pharmacist keeps a database of those who are using it.

Notice however I said "in the past I've purchased." Yes, I've used it at the beginning of my two pregnancies, both of which failed. Granted, I don't *think* they failed because of low progesterone; I'm 99% sure on the second, although slightly less so on the first. But even still, that's not the best reason to consider using it again.

However, I'm seven days past ovulation, prime time for implantation and back in January, I suspect that my body may have *tried* to implant a fertilized egg but failed. The only time I've had my progesterone checked was after I got my second positive, when I was already using progesterone cream, and it was 120 or thereabouts. Higher than most progesterone readings I ever heard, except those using progesterone-in-oil.

So, my thought was this: start using it now (I have some on hand) and if we succeed this month, go to the doctor armed with the study that Vivien posted (which includes progesterone as part of a strategy to reduce miscarriage) and ask that I be put on prescription progesterone (in whatever form that may be, suppositories, injections, I'll do whatever if we're successful).

If you're reading and have any thoughts, opinions, etc... I hope you'll share them.


Blogger K. said...

My progesterone with my last m/c and no supplements was 9.5 at 7dpo. Because of that, my RE thinks my m/c problems are more due to my progesterone than my septum. I don't know. It seems to me like progesterone is one of those things that hasn't been shown to hurt and may help so my thinking is why not? The study you cite seems promising. I haven't been following your story for very long so I'm not sure if you're with an OB or RE, but it seems to me that there shouldn't be any problem with them giving you a supplement. I would definitely start the OTC stuff and push for the stronger prescription stuff ASAP.

8/18/2006 12:40 PM  
Blogger MB said...

I agree with K...why not?

8/18/2006 4:35 PM  
Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

I feel that the cream is iffy, both in delivery method (through the skin) and amount (you never get the same amount twice). I use suppositories in 'trying' months and they're not messy or anything like that. My only real complaint is that it mimics pregnancy symptoms and delays my period by a few days. But hey, you do what you need to do, and so I suck it up.

8/18/2006 6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah, drats... this is old. i'd like to see this study but it's gone. how are you???? studying progesterone otc creams... i started it because i'm suspicious i need it but haven't tested. small amount, eh? were you ever successful? will my period start if i'm not PG if i continue the cream? sigh... wishing you well... nice blog. :).. kim h.

11/28/2007 8:03 PM  

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