Monday, August 21, 2006

Random thoughts

So far, working in my friend's maternity store hasn't been that bad, really. (Although admittedly, it has only been two days, and I'm still waiting to see if I get my period or not, but we'll go with the feeling, for now.) The worst part of it is when a size 2 woman comes out of the dressing room to ask me if something makes her belly look huge. Yeah, *you* look like a tubbo, lady. (glancing over at my friend's lone plus size maternity rack as I think this...) Better quit eating for two.
I don't have the exact path in my Statcounter page anymore, but I *swear* that the other day, I noticed that someone had found me by searching "why am I still not pregnant?" Hmmm. The tattoo was a big search engine hit, as I've gotten at least a half a dozen off that. And today I have one that says "success opk first time" - god I hope so.
Forgot to comment on the prgesterone cream issue -- it turns out that the stuff I had on hand from the compounding pharmacy had a limited shelf life - much more limited than the length of time I kept it. It was not pretty when I opened it. (Yuck.) I had some G.NC brand which I did start using, but period's due Thursday -- time will tell as to whether I even needed to bother.


Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

You're working where? How can you stand it? Or do you pass the time giving them the death look?

8/21/2006 6:35 PM  
Blogger Lisa P. said...

L., yeah, I know, but it's for my best friend. I'm running the store for J while she's away. It really hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be...

8/21/2006 8:53 PM  

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