Thursday, September 07, 2006

Two out of three ain't bad!

(Sorry if I've made any of you think of meatloaf with this update to yesterday's post...)

One, my temp this morning seems to have confirmed yesterday's OPK. Since we're still following the SMEP, we are not stopping the babymaking sex (or "compulsories" as G has taken to calling it, much to the amusement of one of his friends who did IVF) but I'm pretty sure I ovulated two days earlier than usual. I am hoping that if it's correct, it's also a good sign for implantation, as I've heard in the past that late ovulators and those with shorter-than-usual LP's are often those with progesterone problems. Should we get an implant this month, maybe this is a good indicator that it'll be a strong one.

Two, my Lost DVD's just arrived! When I called G at work just now he knew why I sounded so excited ("I take it they're here?")... I need to check the new digital cable box downstairs anyway, which just HAPPENS to be connected to the home theater. Heh.

As for the temp job, I did at least get a call from the agency, with a possible two-day assignment next week at a convention, and the word that perhaps the company just hasn't started their screening yet. So no reason to be paranoid.

Off to watch bonus materials!


Blogger Thalia said...

ooh bonus materials, I hope you had fun. Let's hope the job comes through, too. And the ovulation? Words can't express my hope for that.

9/08/2006 7:03 AM  

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