Tuesday, August 22, 2006

pass the salt...

Did I really just say "It really hasn't been that bad" in one of my comments?? Inviting something to come along and show me just how bad it could be? Yep, I did. Story of my bloglife, as it were.

And then my temp drops yet lower than the day before, signaling that my period will arrive right. on. schedule. -- so now I can eat my words. Cover 'em with salt and they're almost edible, plus the salt comes in handy for dousing those wounds.

I brought this -- working for my friend when I knew there was a good chance my period would come during my days there -- on willingly, so I have no room to complain. But the period thing in general, I wanna complain. G said "if this month didn't work, what will?" to which I told him "25% chance, hon..." and sighed.

Probably less than 25% now, though, given my age and his. Didn't tell him that.

It's probably time for "the talk", phase one, where we figure out how long since the surgery we've been trying (since we had to take some months off) and how much longer we want to try on our own before going to see my doctor. I know that's something G will be dreading, as he just wants things not to be complicated. I know we all do, but for him this is a real issue: he is not big on change.

I'm not so sure how I'll handle it, either.


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