Sunday, September 10, 2006

to live and die by the thermometer...

This charting thing really sucks.

Allowing my mood to be affected by a downswing in temperature is one thing. When G's is affected, then we're really in trouble.

I guess we've hit the point where even though we're "going along with the program", there is still some level of "psyching up" that needs to happen. On both our parts. And occasionally even that doesn't work. G had a bad day yesterday and suffice it to say that he's not in the best of moods right now. When my temp took a small dive, my first instinct was to worry that maybe I really didn't ovulate. Which, in the most delicate of terms, means that we're not done for the month yet.

And I think G *is* done. Mentally that is.

Whenever he gets frustrated about this stuff he resorts back to the "nothing's ever easy" line, one that drags both his and my moods down pretty quickly. I suppose it could just be male PMS, but when he's saying things like "all this probably isn't going to work anyway" it's not the most uplifting of moments. I don't know why I need for him to be encouraging so badly, but at the very least I would like it if he were not DIScouraging. And sometimes he just can't manage that.

Sometimes I just wish he could.


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