Monday, January 01, 2007

A new year, finally

Happy 2007 to anyone reading out there. I said a little prayer at midnight that things would improve for us, but am not as hopeful as I'd like to be. Time will tell.

Kathy McC tagged me for "Six Weird Things About Me"... part of me thinks that anyone who's read here at all for the past year or so knows far more than six weird things about me. :) But here goes:

1) I do not like the feeling of things between my toes. (I've never worn a pair of traditional flip-flops for more than a few seconds in a store.)

2) I have a weird gag reflex that is triggered by pasta without enough sauce (or sometimes just reheated mac and cheese, pasta alfredo, etc.) and egg whites. Sometimes scrambled eggs, but that's usually only if I don't put enough salt on them. When it happens I cannot finish what I'm eating even if it's the first bite that caused it.

3) I sleep with a very well-worn G.und bear that I've had since I was twelve.

4) Kathy said she was afraid of driving... I used to be afraid to call people on the phone. Even when I started this temp job and I had to call references, a small amount of terror spread through my chest. I got over it, obviously, but even with time I've still found it to be difficult.

5) I am a compulsive skin picker. Hangnails, fingernails, scabs, blemishes etc., I just can't seem to resist. It's embarrassing and I'm trying harder not to do so, but the itchiness isn't making it easier.

6) I am slightly freaked out about admitting my weird things to the blogisphere because I am an "approval seeker" and want to be liked. :) Therefore, and because just about everyone who knows me well enough to be tagged has already done this, I will just say farewell to 2006 (thank goodness).


Blogger Treggles said...

Your number 1 made me smile, and you'd find me very weird:

When I was a toddler I had a small knitted sausage-dog with a thin floppy tail, and I couldn't get to sleep unless his tail was held firmly between the big and second toes of my right foot. I continued this into school age, and remember that when I went on a school trip once, Mum knitted me a litle strip of wool (like a tiny, tiny scarf), knotted at one end, so I could still have something between my toes without the embarrasment of taking a teddy that others would find.

Even now I sometimes inadventantly "find" my wife's toes with mine in the night!

I hope 2007 brings you joy.

1/02/2007 3:31 AM  

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