Thursday, May 10, 2007

Second verse, not quite the same as the first

It's only Thursday but it's been a long week.

I'd been feeling pretty good over the weekend and was thinking that this week wouldn't be too rough. I was mistaken.

Tuesday I had a portacath put into my upper chest (near my collarbone) which is where they'll give the chemo from now on. It's easier than trying to find a vein (and failing multiple times, causing lots of sticks - ouch.) That was an outpatient procedure - I had twilight sleep and felt fine afterwards. However, I found out from G. that the doctor tried to insert it on the right side (the normal side) and couldn't get it into the vein!! So he had to stop trying over there and re-attempt on the left side. Which obviously worked, but made me more tender on both sides. I used an icepack Tuesday night and took the V.icodin they gave me - no sense suffering!!

Yesterday I had chemo #2. I had some nausea after I got home which I think was because they didn't give me Ativan in my IV before starting the drugs this time, which they did the first time. I will ask about that for next time. Luckily the nausea was fairly short lived, although I didn't have much of an appetite as a result. I did make a point of eating though -- I had to get a Procrit shot since my hemoglobin and hematocrit were low, and I have to make sure I increase my protein intake to something like 50g per day. So I'm going with the small meals frequently approach.

Hopefully I will have either the same side effects or less this time around. Will update more later in the week.


Blogger Catherine said...

You sound ok. Are you ok?

5/10/2007 1:58 PM  
Anonymous Kath said...

Dear Lisa, ouch, that portacath procedure sounds nasty. For a procedure that was designed to limit rummaging in veins, it featured a bit too much rummaging in veins. I hope the soreness disappears soon.

I'm sorry about the nausea, and I hope that the side effects this time are manageable. Be good to yourself, my dear.

5/10/2007 5:43 PM  
Blogger msfitzita said...

Ouch on the portacath procedure - and that they had to dig around on BOTH sides to get it done. That seems like cruel and unusual punishment if I do say so myself :(

I'm glad you're feeling okay and I hope the nausea is short-lived and kind to you this time.


5/10/2007 7:04 PM  

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