Sunday, January 21, 2007

Question one

So, I got the report from the baseline ultrasound in the mail today. My 6-8 follicles were actually 2-3 on my left ovary, and 4-5 on my right. The left ovary is the one that's hiding behind my uterus, and it's slightly smaller than the right one. I assume the ovary size and the hiding bit corresponds with the smaller amount of follicles, as well? I've seen articles that say that as women go into menopause their ovaries shrink and fall behind the uterus, so I'm hoping that's not an indicator of anything.

Ok, so onto my real first question (the one in the paragraph above doesn't count): Will the FSH (theoretically) help me to produce more follicles, or better follicles? If I'm not a poor responder that is.


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