Saturday, October 01, 2005

more fun than...

Tomorrow is G's grandmother's 95th birthday, and there will be a big party. So tonight, G's brother M is coming in from Louisville. He's actually staying with my in-laws, but they have other plans for the evening, so he's coming to our house for dinner.

How to describe M... he talks a lot. So much so that it's hard to get a word in edgewise. Also, he's fairly sarcastic, and constantly expresses how much better it is in Louisville than here. (No offense, Lorem -- I've been there and know it's nice there, but according to M, everything we've done here THEY have done 10x better, apparently.) Of course, he will then backpedal and say "but of course it's not really all that terrible here in your neighborhood" or some other such left-handed compliment. We usually only see him once or twice a year, at Christmas primarily, and that is usually quite enough for me.

For example, last Christmas we announced pregnancy #1 to each of our families separately, my folks on Christmas Eve and G's on Christmas Day. M was going on and on about his new kittens ("the babies," he called them) and the fact that his wrapped Christmas presents had been unceremoniously torn open by the TSA at the airport (and when I say on and on I mean it came up in every possible way you might think, to every person that came through the door), but after we made our announcement, he *then* proceeded to make it seem like "gee, here I am making a big deal out of my stuff and you guys have an even bigger deal!" I know he was happy for us, but it was just irritating.

G thinks I hate him, and that's not true. I have a hard time dealing with him, but I don't hate him. I'm worried that he's going to say something dumb about our losses, but I don't hate him. (Yes, I realize I am trying awfully hard to convince someone of this. Not sure it's working.)

Please, let it be a calm evening.


Blogger Jill said...

Best of luck with M. He sounds pretty obnoxious. Let's hope he's taken a pill or gotten laryngitis or SOMETHING to slow down the verbal diarrhea:)

10/01/2005 5:37 PM  

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