Monday, September 05, 2005

And here is where I speak of feminine things...

And I'm not talking about women's lib or fancy clothes.

These past few days I've been in a near-panic.

The source of my panic was simple: light spotting at 9 and 10dpo. There have only been two other times that I've had spotting like that before getting my period. (Or, rather, NOT getting it.)

I spent most of Saturday afternoon convincing myself that it wasn't possible. We only did the deed once, five days before I ovulated. While not outside the realm of possibility, the myth that sperm can live for five days in fertile CM just hasn't proven itself, that I know of. (Why can't I find *this* urban legend on Damn.) I ovulated late, also, so the last miscarriage or the HSG probably just changed my cycle. Things are different now; predictability is not a word that should be in my dictionary, right??

I spent most of Saturday evening scared out of my mind.

Luckily, Sunday was spent at my in-laws; I had something else to occupy my thoughts (for the most part). Never mind that when I got home, the spotting was nowhere to be seen.

This morning's temp plummeted, so I was probably worried for nothing.

I still haven't gotten my period yet, though.

We'll see what happens. I reserve the right to remain utterly terrified.


Blogger lauralu said...


i'm holding my breath for you...

9/05/2005 8:48 PM  

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