Tuesday, September 06, 2005

this is why time to think is not a good thing:

Based on my normal stats, I will probably ovulate right after my appointment with the RE.

Which means I won't be able to have a hysteroscopy until October at the earliest.

Which means *if* they actually do the operative kind then, and I am able to heal in the minimum amount of time post-surgery that I've seen online (two months, and I don't know if that's two actual months or two cycles), I won't be able to start TTC again until December at the earliest.

Which means even if we get extremely lucky again, I won't have a baby before I'm 36.

(I was already past that anyway; I would've had to have gotten pregnant right after my second miscarriage for that to happen, but it didn't occur to me then.)

Yeah, I'm whining, I know. Just not in the mood to shut up and deal, today. (When am I ever??)


Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Why are you having an HSG AND a hysteroscopy?

9/06/2005 5:45 PM  
Blogger Lisa P. said...

The HSG is just diagnostic; whereas the hysteroscopy can be both diagnostic and operative. Mine would need to be operative to remove the adhesion(s), if that's truly what I need.

I shouldn't whine before I actually see the RE, but today was just that kind of day I guess.

9/06/2005 6:10 PM  
Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Ahhhh. I see.

Don't worry about whining; that's what we're here for.

9/06/2005 7:20 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Ditto - this is such scary stuff and you aren't whining, you are trying to make sense of the possibilities and get prepared for the worst case scenario.

With any luck, things will go slightly off course this month with a lter O and you won't have to wait ((hugs)).

9/06/2005 9:40 PM  

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