Sunday, August 07, 2005

The rest of my day...

This morning was kind of interesting. We had breakfast out on our deck, and while we were out there, there were these bumblebees that were madly gathering pollen in the hollyhock bush in our neighbors' yard. I happened to notice that one of them was sitting on our deck railing, and when I went over to look, it was literally COVERED in pollen. So much so that it looked kind of dazed. Every now and again it would try to brush some of the pollen off its legs, or body, and there would be this little clump of pollen left in a pile afterwards. There were about four bees that ended up doing this throughout the morning. We cracked up, as it was kind of a funny sight. I tried to take a picture but they would fly away if I got too close.
Catherine posted recently about seeing butterflies. I thought I'd mention that ironically, there were two butterflies hanging around our backyard all day today, one yellow, and one black. They kept showing up all day. Just like you said, Catherine, I felt like it was a sign of sorts. It made me feel a little better.
We're pool-sitting for our next-door neighbors while they're on vacation. (Well, actually G is doing the pool maintenance; I am doing nothing whatsoever.) One benefit of pool-sitting is using the pool when it's hot and sunny out, like it was today. I couldn't help but think though, as I was floating on my back, that the last time I was in that pool, was a few days before my first prenatal appointment. The neighbors had invited us to take a swim in the evening while they were going out. We planned on telling them about the pregnancy after we had a successful appointment. I started spotting a few days later.
My in-laws came over for dinner tonight. It was my idea to invite them. I haven't seen them since we were pregnant, and after the miscarriage, I didn't want to talk to them or see them right away. (Not my parents, either.) I knew that the first get-together was going to be awkward, so I purposefully arranged to have a distraction (grilling out) along with alcohol (my in-laws are both good Italians who like the occasional social cocktail). It was not a bad evening, all in all. (The cosmos helped me, immensely.)

That's it for me tonight.

BTW... Thanks for the kick in the pants about my doctor, girls. You're all right, I know you are. I just need to figure out what I'm doing about it now. I wish I weren't so freakin' passive-aggressive.


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