Sunday, July 24, 2005

Weekends are so short.

It's Sunday, and I've decided to start a blog. (Terrific, you say.)

I've seen links to others' blogs on Fertility Friend, particularly among those of us who were unfortunate enough to join the "I've had a miscarriage" club. Today I visited the blog of someone I've never met but feel I know a little better through her words, and I was about to leave a comment on one of her posts, when I learned I'd have to create a blog in order to do so. Okay...

I've never been good at journaling, except in my head. I can compose entire articles to myself in my thoughts but when it comes to getting them down on paper (or its electronic counterpart) I have been notoriously bad. I start fine, but eventually something happens that stops me from continuing. My first miscarriage was one such something.

Before that day, I wrote about not getting pregnant, I wrote about wanting to be a mother, I wrote about hormones that messed with my head. When the test finally displayed two lines, I wrote about how happy I was to have that little one with me.

Somehow I didn't seem up to continuing after my world was shaken.

But now, after going through this yet again, I feel like talking. To myself, if no one else, I guess.


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